Sod Installation in Monmouth County

Do you want to have that perfectly smooth, bright green lawn but aren’t sure about how to seamlessly install sod? Don’t worry, the premier landscaping company in Monmouth County, NJ, All Phases Landscaping & Property Services, are experts in residential and commercial sod installation. 

Our Sod Installation Process

Our landscaping experts begin our process with a thorough site inspection to determine the next steps. The beginning of any sod installation is ground preparation, which involves removing any grass or weeds and making sure the soil is aerated and ready to support new growth. Next, our landscaping experts use specialized equipment to make sure the area has enough drainage to avoid sinkholes or root-rot. The actual sod and turf installation is completed with state of the art equipment to make sure that the grass establishes itself. 

Every property is different, so one size sod installation most definitely does not fit all. Let’s get into the different types of sod installation that All Phases Landscaping & Property Services can perform on your Monmouth County, NJ property.

Installing Sod within Current Lawn

New Jersey homeowners may think that they have to completely remove the existing lawn before installing new turf, but it’s entirely possible to install sod over existing grass. The key is to cut the grass real short, then dig down all edges so the sod doesn’t spill over onto concrete areas. Next, our expert landscapers put down compost to level out the lawn and provide fertilization for the new sod.  

Remove Existing Grass

The traditional way to install sod and a most useful method in certain areas is to remove the existing grass before a fresh sod installation. This is a good method in areas where the lawn is already built up, has lost nutrients from many years of growth, or has issues with drainage. We have equipment like tillers and good old fashioned elbow grease and shovels to remove grass. 

Site Preparation for New Sod

Preparing a site for installing new sod involves creating the best conditions for the grass to flourish. This includes grading the site so that water will flow away and not form puddles, causing the grass to rot. We have special equipment to compact and grade the soil, but also tillers that aerate the soil and work fertilizers into the soil.

New Sod Installation

The process of installing brand new sod involves rolling out sod long sod patches that contain roots and short grass. Landscape experts like the contractors at All Phases Landscaping & Property Services always start with a straight edge like a driveway or sidewalk. Next we use a brickwork pattern that allows the grass to grow together seamlessly for a perfectly even lawn.

Proper Watering of Sod is Essential

The single most important step in installing sod is to thoroughly water it immediately after its laid down. This soaks the roots and allows them to reach down into the soil layers to firmly establish the turf. If you need a brand new lawn in Monmouth County, New Jersey, you need the experts at All Phases Landscaping & Property Services.