Residential Pressure Washing

Also known as power washing, a pressure wash service is when your trusted local landscapers use water under high pressure to clean grime and mildew from landscape features like paving or retaining walls on your residential property. This type of landscape service seems like it would be only for commercial property owners, but even private pathways, sidewalks, and stonework need to be deep cleaned as part of regular landscape maintenance. At All Phases Landscaping & Property Services LLC, we have the high quality equipment and the expertise to complete your landscape project with residential pressure washing services.

When to consider power or pressure washing.

While public sidewalks might get regularly cleaned by municipal crews, homeowners can often forget about how grime can build up on their own property. Many surfaces in our outdoor spaces are susceptible to mildew, mold, and moss growth, such as paving, exterior brickwork, or natural stone on a retaining wall. Even a concrete driveway can be stained by oil stains or sticky pollen. When your paving or stonework gets dirty, homeowners need to find a reputable local landscaping company to provide power washing services. Adding a pressure wash at the end of a new landscape installation is also a good idea to keep everything looking fresh. 

Our residential power washing process.

During a pressure wash, landscaping professionals use special equipment that sprays water at a very high pressure at hard surfaces like concrete, stone, and brickwork. Millions of tiny water droplets slam into every little nook and cranny of the hard surface, physically removing debris, mold particles, and ground-in dirt. The water flow then washes the grime safely away without using any harsh chemicals that can contaminate groundwater. For oily stains like vehicle liquids on a driveway, hot water power wash also uses heat to break down grime that has soaked into concrete or brickwork. 

What to expect working with a residential pressure washing service.

The first thing you can expect with the premier Monmouth County, NJ landscaping company is superior customer service. We stay with you start to finish on your landscape project, thoroughly inspecting your residential property to determine what kind of landscape services will best help you. To maintain our integrity, we communicate with our local customers throughout the project, whether that’s a new landscape installation or power washing services, to make sure you’re satisfied with your clean landscaping.