Paver Installation in Rumson NJ

Paver Installation in Rumson NJ

The paver installation experts at All Phases Landscaping & Property Services LLC was happy to complete another landscape design build project in Rumson, NJ.

The homeowner didn’t like the original paved driveway and turn around. Plus, there was a tree circle in the turn around that made parking difficult. He wanted an expert to come in to help him find a paver driveway option that suited his needs. He asked local homeowners for references for a reputable landscaping company and found us. We were able to sit down with him and sketch a detailed plan with our landscape architect. That consultation really helped the homeowner decide on which pavers he wanted to have installed. He loved the crushed blue stone option we showed him so he decided on that and asked us to start as soon as possible.

We started the project by removing 20 tons of existing asphalt from the driveway then professionally graded the soil. After adding a layer of gravel and crushed rock base layer, we laid the gorgeous crushed bluestone pavers. Our crew also transplanted the tree from the center of the turn around to another section of the yard. We then filled in the paver circle at the turn around with additional pavers, leaving something in the center for aesthetics, which homeowner really liked.

After wraping up the job the homewoner called us immediately to tell us how much he loved everything and that he was thrilled with all aspects of the project.

Thank you for choosing All Phases Landscaping & Property Services for your landscaping and paver installation needs!