Landscaping and playground installation in Rumson NJ

Landscaping and playground installation in Rumson NJ

All Phases Landscaping & Property Services recently had the opportunity to help with a landscaping and playground installation project for homeowner in Rumson, New Jersey.

The homeowners purchased a beautiful custom play house for their kids to enjoy. The problem they ran into was during the installation process, when they realized that there were no areas on their property that were level enough to place the play set. They decided they needed help from a professional landscaping contractor so they could install the set.

They were referred to All Phases Landscaping & Property Services by a designer in Monmouth County who knew we had the expertise to help. The homeowners called us for a consultation and we came out later that same week to take a look.

We determined that the best course of action was to create level ground for the play set with a timber tie raised box. Landscape timbers are the perfect material in many ways for building a playground border that serves as a retaining wall. They are strong enough to hold in any materials contained within it and are long lasting, requiring very little maintenance over time. They also add an appealing natural look. We drew up a design for the clients and they loved what they saw.

We started the project on a Thursday afternoon and had it finished by end of the day! Our crew leveled off an area for the play set, installed the timber tie raised box and filled with stone for a solid base. Now the play set is ready for fun and the homeowners are happy as we gave them exactly what they wanted.

Thanks for trusting All Phases Landscaping & Property Services with your playground area leveling and installation!