Retaining Walls

Of all the different types of landscape features, retaining walls are some of the most important for protecting your residential property. Made of varying materials from concrete to timber, a retaining wall is a landscaping feature that supports the soil and keeps rain from washing it away. Also called a terrace, a bulwark, or piling, a retaining wall can be as short as a couple feet to create a raised garden bed or large enough to support a small hill. If your property suffers from poor drainage and/or soil erosion, you need a trusted local landscaping company who offers professional retaining wall design, installation & maintenance services.

When to consider retaining wall installation.

Retaining walls are so much more than an aesthetic landscaping feature; they have very important functions for your property, such as controlling soil erosion, providing water runoff control, and protecting your home’s foundations. If your property has problems with soil and debris washing downhill during weather events, your home could be in danger of foundation damage. A retaining wall keeps soil stable, creates safe places for water to go, and protects your home’s foundations from cracking or sinking. A retaining wall in a garden or yard also creates more usable outdoor space, whether that’s a patio area or additional seating.

Retaining Wall Installation Process

Professional landscaping companies like All Phases Landscaping & Property Services LLC can meet all your landscape structure needs, from innovative retaining wall design, to high quality landscape installation, and even ongoing maintenance of your landscape features, including power washing. Landscaping experts can construct a retaining wall from materials such as timber, crushed rock, natural stone, poured concrete, or concrete blocks. After choosing a retaining wall design that compliments your home’s exterior style, a professional landscaping crew uses the most advanced technology and time honored processes to install your retaining wall. Afterwards, they can provide ongoing retaining wall maintenance that includes power washing and other maintenance services. 

What to expect when working with a landscaper in Monmouth County

We’re the most trusted landscaping company in the greater Monmouth County, NJ area, and we offer the best retaining wall design, installation & maintenance services to local homeowners. As a locally grown company, our landscape professionals have years of experience with local soil and climate to be able to design landscaping features like retaining walls that will protect your Monmouth County home for decades.