Landscape Planting Services

The trusted landscapers in your area provide many services like installing retaining walls, paving, and other landscaping features, but their main expertise is in plants. No residential property is complete without flowers, trees, shrubs, and other plantings. With the expert advice of a professional landscaper, you can find the perfect plants to beautify your yard and protect your property. Your residential home is your biggest asset, and landscape planting services can raise your property values and create a beautiful space to come home to every day. 

When to consider professional planting services 

Landscape plantings are so much more than just putting trees and shrubs in the ground. To get a beautifully landscaped yard that lasts over the seasons, you need a local landscaping expert who can recommend the right plantings for your property. Professional local landscapers are experts on the climate and the environment in the greater Monmouth County area, so they know what sort of plants will thrive around your home, provide continual beauty, and complement the existing natural environment.

The landscape planting process 

The process for professional landscape planting services involves crucial planning, a thorough site inspection, expert planting installation, and even superior cleanup services. First, your landscaping expert will inspect your property, then perform soil tests, and finally learn your vision for your landscaping. Then they’ll use your needs and their expertise to find the best kinds of plants for your landscape, whether that’s trees to provide UV protection, thick shrubs for security, or a beautiful garden with a paved path and tons of flowers. During the installation of all the plants, professional landscapers work from the soil up to ensure all plants will stay healthy. Afterwards, a thick layer of mulch is laid down to retain moisture and deter pests. Finally, expert cleanup ensures your home looks brand new. 

What to expect when working with a residential landscape planting service

With a trusted landscaping company, you get an inspection of your home’s foundations, soil and drainage improvement, recommendations for features like paving, as well as expert advice on what types of flowers, shrubs, and trees work best. When you entrust your property to All Phases Landscaping & Property Services LLC, you not only get planting expertise but also dedication to your satisfaction. We’re locally grown in the greater Monmouth County area, so we understand what local homeowners need in landscape planting.