Landscape Installation

If you want to improve your curb appeal and increase your property values, landscaping the exterior of your home is a great idea. Normally performed when it’s cooler in spring, early summer, or fall, a new landscape installation involves completing a detailed landscape design, preparing the soil, constructing features like a retaining wall, and then planting beautiful foliage that fits your lifestyle. When you go with a trusted local landscaping company like All Phases Landscaping & Property Services LLC, you can get ongoing service to keep your new landscaping looking great through all seasons.  

When to consider landscape construction 

The exterior of your residential property is the first impression you give neighbors and the first thing you see when you come home, so it should reflect your style and your pride in your property. Not only does a new installation of landscaping features beautify your home, but the soil preparation and pest control offered by your trusted local landscapers protects your home’s foundation. Certain plants can also add another layer of home security. Investing in a beautifully landscaped yard pays you back not only in property value but in happiness and peace of mind. 

Our Landscape Installation Process 

We start our process by completing a thorough evaluation of your property, then we discuss your needs, your budget, and the local climate to create the best landscape design for your residential property. We can install all kinds of features from water fountains, to paving, to retaining walls. Once we’ve found the best design for your home, we prepare the soil to make sure water runs away from your house and all plants will have enough water and nutrients to thrive. Then we professionally install landscaping features, plants, and top everything off with water-retaining mulch, even cleaning up afterwards to leave your home looking truly beautiful.

What to expect working with a professional landscape installation company.

When you invest in landscaping with All Phases Landscaping & Property Services LLC, you receive not only professional, high quality work but also superior customer service. We stay with you every step of the landscape installation process so you know we have your satisfaction as our main priority. Whether you need paving, retaining walls, power washing, or just high quality local plants and flowers, we have the expertise and knowledge of the local environment to create the best landscaping for your local New Jersey residential property.