Landscape Design

Landscape design can be done to enhance new construction, enhance existing landscape (this can be done by starting fresh or using existing space and plant material), or create a new outdoor living space. Using top of the line software or hand drawings done in house no project is too big or too small.  Affiliated with licensed landscape architects we have the tools to accommodate any and all projects.

Work with our design team to come up with a concept to take your new or existing landscape to the next level. Descriptive Proposals through LMN software, can be accompanied by any of the following.

Scaled hand drawn landscape design drawings (in house)

Typically hand drawings are more than enough with smaller projects to give both homeowner and All Phases everything needed to make the project come to life

  • Budget friendly landscape design
  • Quick landscape design turnaround time
  • Excellent way to present design to HOA, COA, Township

In house scaled hand drawings are typically all that is needed to receive approval whether it be from an HOA, COA, or Township.

Benefits of Scaled hand drawn landscape design by affiliated designers

Take planning to the next level with a scaled hand drawings from affiliated designer Al Shassias RA,RLA, Architect + Landscape Architect (learn more)

  • Be hands on in design concepts or let us take it start to finish.
  • Based on size and complexity of the project additional design fees may occur.
  • Detailed artistic renderings and help in the creation of complex designs

More artistic and colorful professional hand drawings are sometimes what it needs to bring all parties vision and dreams to life.

CAD produced design benefits

New construction or engineered projects will sometimes require us to use licensed Landscape Architects to allow us move forward with planning, permitting, and installing landscape projects.

DIY Landscape design benefits

Already have a design great!  We will work with the Builder or Homeowner to get the project completed to specifications supplied to us by customer.

What to expect working with a professional landscape design company in Monmouth County NJ

Not all landscaping service companies can offer professional design services with detailed, permit-ready architectural proposals. Our professional landscape design services also let you take planning to the next level with scaled hand drawings from affiliated designer Al Shassias or detailed CAD generated architectural blueprints. Because we have licensed landscape architects in house, we can stay under budget while still delivering detailed designs for gorgeous outdoor spaces. If your Monmouth County area home needs a facelift, call us for a consultation today.