Landscape design build project in Middletown NJ

Landscape design build project in Middletown NJ

All Phases Landscaping & Property Services recently completed a landscape design build project in Middletown NJ, located in Monmouth County.

The homeowners, who were a young couple who recently purchased the home, wanted their back yard to be completely redesigned. The yard was cluttered with raised patios that had become overgrown and useless. The property is also surrounded by 3 other properties that are all over 5 feet higher in elevation, so retaining earth and drainage was a significant problem. There was also a shed that they wanted to have removed.

The couple searched for a quality landscaping company in Monmouth County and they found us. They emailed us to arrange for an estimate and we were able to stop by their home the next evening, just before dinner. They showed us around and we helped them to come up with a landscaping design plan that would open up their back yard and address the drainage issues. Impressed with our knowledge and expertise, they asked us to start out the project for them. They weren’t sure if they wanted  to finish it themselves after we helped them get through the demo of the back yard and a few other steps along the way of the project.

We started out by removing the old shed, old retaining walls and approximately 30 yards of soil that needed to be relocated throughout the property. We then installed a new retaining wall of approximately 11 l/f. They had purchased a new shed and we helped them to relocate that and also installed a new fence after removing the old fences. We addressed drainage issues throughout the property and finished it all off with sod, which he added on at the end because he was so impressed with the initial project. He decided to have us finish it off for him!

Thanks for trusting All Phases Landscaping & Property Services with your back yard landscaping project!