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All Phases Landscaping is the highest rated full-service landscaping contractor in Little Silver, NJ and surrounding areas. We offer quality residential landscaping and property services while striving to exceed the expectations of all of our clients.

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Things to do in Little Silver, NJ

Little Silver, New Jersey, is a beach town with a population of about 5,950. A fun nearby park to visit is Thompson Park, which is open year round and free of charge. There’s a little something for everyone here: a visitor center that was originally the Thompson family home, restored to preserve its colonial style; a playground and meadows for the kids to run around; a craft center where visitors can try making ceramics, pottery, and other arts and crafts no matter age or skill level; and athletic fields, fishing, and even an off-leash dog area!

For history buffs, a fun activity would be a visit to the T. Thomas Fortune Cultural Center. Here you can see Fortune’s former home, and learn about his career as a famous journalist and civil rights advocate.
If you’re looking for a thrill and fun team-building experience, the nearby Bogeyman Horror Escape room may be just the ticket. Work with the people in your group to solve the mystery of the escape room, if you don’t get too scared in the process!

Wondering which local restaurants to try? A long-time favorite is Little Szechuan Restaurant. They have delicious old-school Chinese food and lots of loyal customers. If you’re looking for a diner-feel, try Edie’s Luncheonette for some American-style comfort food. And don’t forget to finish whatever meal you have with Hoffman’s Ice Cream, another local recommendation.

Landscaping project near Little Silver NJ

All Phases Landscaping & Property Services was recently entrusted with updating a client’s landscaping with new landscape design in Rumson, NJ, just east of Little Silver.

The homeowner had recently had her home interior renovated and was ready to update her exterior by updating her landscaping. Her existing landscaping was just a bunch of sporadically spaced shrubs with dirt exposed and weeds that had grown between. She was ready for a change and had a friend in the neighborhood who we recently worked with. The homeowner loved how her yard turned out, so she asked for our contact information and gave us a call and told us she was ready to update her landscaping and wanted us to help. We came to her house for a consultation the next evening. We listened to her vision and provided her with a sketch of our proposed new landscape design. She loved what we came up with and asked us to get started as soon as we could.

Our landscaping team started the following Monday morning and began by ripping out the entire landscape in addition to excavating nutrient-poor soil and replacing it with nutrient-loaded organic topsoil. We planted gorgeous Otto Luyken bushes in the front yard and Boxwood bushes in the back in addition to a new Crape Myrtle tree that we selected with the homeowner.

Once we planted all of the new trees and bushes, we topped the organic topsoil off with gorgeous black double shredded hardwood mulch. This mulch is not only high quality but it helps prevent/reduce weed growth while delivering a clean appearance.

She is thrilled with her new landscaping and said she is happier than she even expected to be with the results! She also commented that we deliver the best quality material that she had ever seen!

Landscaping, Shrub and Tree Planting in Little Silver NJ (after completion)